Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another small world

It has been ages since I last posted an entry but my recent trip to Italy reminded me how small this world is. A week before I left for Europe, I met the owner of an art gallery in Manila. Silvana mentioned that her daughter lives in Florence and maybe I can meet her while I am there.

A pity that I only had a short time in Florence, that I was not able to contact her. But as I was checking out of my hostel in Firenze. The receptionist said Salamat po. We started chatting and Rosa mentioned that her best friend is Pinay and that she has been to Manila twice. She narrated places that she is familiar with. And also casually mentioned that the dress she is wearing that day was given by her friend's mom.

Fast forward, when I went back to Manila, I added Rosa in Facebook and was surprised to see that the gallery owner was a common friend. Guess what? Rosa's best friend is the daughter of the gallery owner.

Rosa was also surprised when I told her the story and she asked "Is Manila small?". I laughed and I said yes with more than 10 million people. Small world indeed.

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